Ep 25 Me and COVID-19

In this episode I give my two cents on COVID-19 and hopefully bring you and your family a little positive light on this grim experience we are all hav...View Details

Ep 25 with Adam Waslefsky

In this episode I chat it up with my good friend Adam Waslefsky. Adam brings some amazing perspectives on parenting into this episode. I am very fortu...View Details

Silvio was such an amazing guest. I first had the privilege of speaking with Silvio at an Arete Syndicate live event. Since first connecting with Silv...View Details

EP 23 with Erik Allen

Erik Allen is no stranger to the podcast world. Erik is the host of not only one but two podcasts the TopRatedMMA & Bearded.biz. Erik has had a lo...View Details

Ep 22 Round Table

This episode was so much fun. I had no idea how this was going to go, but go down it most definitely did. I hope you are able to grab a few nuggets fr...View Details

Ep 21 with Glenn Lovelace

In this episode I was able to sit down with Glenn and chat about his ups and downs along this crazy journey we call fatherhood. Glenn has overcome man...View Details

Ep 20 with Tab Pierce

In this episode Tab talks about not only being a father, but also being a grandfather. Tab shares some of his personal stories of trying to be a great...View Details

Ep 19 with Cory Budovitch

In this episode Cory talks about his dedication towards personal growth and how it has had a positive impact on his relationship with his children. Co...View Details

Ep 18 with Ejay Cruz

In this episode I was able to connect with the host of The Parables podcast Ejay Cruz. Ejay is a registered nurse by trade which helped foster his pas...View Details

Ep 17 with Morgan McKell

In this episode I sat down with Morgan McKell who is not only an amazing father, but also a sales and marketing expert, corporate trainer, multiple bu...View Details

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