Dan gives a ton of advice about life, business, and family in this episode. The advice Dan shares in this episode is free, but the value is worth a to...View Details

Ep 48 with Edwin Espinel

In this episode Edwin shares his stories on life and family. Edwin has had some amazing career opportunities that have provided him with such an amazi...View Details

This episode was so much fun. DJ Erockalypze brings so much energy and advice to this episode. His story of following his dreams while being a father ...View Details

In this episode I chat about a very important topic postpartum depression. For a long time postpartum was only a term related to moms, but now with mo...View Details

Ep 45 with Derek Clark

Derek shares his expertise on childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences, becoming a father, and connecting with his family. This episode is not ...View Details

This episode was amazing. Justin brought his meditation experience and knowledge into the conversation of raising kids, which was amazing. Make sure t...View Details

Ep 43 Creating Space

In this episode I chat about create space for our children to be able to express their emotions. As parents we tend to want to teach or correct our ch...View Details

Ep 42 with Greg Anderson

In this episode I chat it up with the very spiritually enlightened Greg Anderson. I could have chatted about parenting and life with Greg for hours. G...View Details

In this episode I chat about the importance of connecting with your child before correcting his or her behavior. As a parent I need to keep adapting t...View Details

Ep 40 with Jeremy Neves

This episode changed me not only as host, but also as a father. The stories Jeremy shares are so inspiring and insightful, and most important make you...View Details

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