Ep 36 with Austin Park

Austin Park is business owner, word traveler, but most important soon to be father. Austin's take aways from his own father along with his drive for s...View Details

Ep 35 with Cameron Foster

In this episode of Carseats & Coffee I collaborate with another dad who is trying to change the landscape for fathers Cameron Foster. Cameron is t...View Details

Ep 34 Trust Your Bike

In this episode I am chatting about trusting your children's abilities along with your own. It is hard as fathers to sit back and watch our children p...View Details

Ep 33 Dr. Sam Bakhtiar

This episode with Dr. Sam Bakhtiar was so much fun to record.Sam is not only a doctor, CEO, author, world-class bodybuilder, and multi-millionaire ent...View Details

In this episode I fly solo and chat about living currently in the good-old days. 

Ep 31 with Scott Paul

I had a really fun time recording this episode with Scott Paul. Scott is not only a cool guy he is also a business genius, father of three girls, and ...View Details

Ep 30 with Sean Whalen

In this episode Sean talks about the importance of men and fathers to go after their goals and stop complaining about life. Sean’s perspectives will c...View Details

Ep 29 with Eric Sciotto

I had such a great time chatting it up with the very talented Eric Sciotto. I met Eric in a coffee shop in Phenix Arizona while on vacation one mornin...View Details

Ep 28 with Dane Logan

Dane not only was an amazing guest on the show, but came out all the way from Japan. Dane's insight and ability to dive deep into subjects is both cap...View Details

Ep 27 with Aaron Wagner

Having Aaron Wagner on the show was such an amazing experience. Aaron dives into what it means to "balance" fatherhood and hard work. Being a business...View Details

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