Ep 17 with Morgan McKell

In this episode I sat down with Morgan McKell who is not only an amazing father, but also a sales and marketing expert, corporate trainer, multiple bu...View Details

Ep 16 with Kevin Hoover

In this episode Kevin Hoover talks about dealing with his son's cancer and how it changed his life. This episode had a big impact on me and one that I...View Details

Ep 15 with Gene Tee

I first connected with Gene while participating in Tim Grover’s Down & Dirty workshop. Gene was always one of those quiet guys that you knew was...View Details

Carl talks about his service in the military along with starting his current business adventure Alpha Coffee all while raising children with his amazi...View Details

EP 13 with Chuck Green

The is the first Carseats & Coffee remote podcast episode. I had a great time chatting with Chuck about his family and perspectives on fatherhood....View Details

Ep 12 - Tantrums

In this episode I talk about my personal experiences with tantrums, and how I attempt to deal with them.  

Ep 11 with Jeff Stay

Had a great time speaking with Jeff about his parenting style and fun memories with his father. Jeff has a lot of great advice and insight into being ...View Details

Ep 10 with Trent Bray

In this episode, I chat it up with my good friend Trent Bray. The thing I love most about chatting with Trent is his ability to accept who he is as a ...View Details

In this episode, it's just me talking about the difference between conditional vs. unconditional love for your children. I also go off on a few rants...View Details

Ep 08 With Frankie

In this episode, Frankie talks about having a child later in life and balancing raising a child and his job. I had a great time chatting with him abou...View Details

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